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The Mridaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. needs a cadre of efficient working hand to grow the company to its goal. With this in mind MSPL offers high caliber people the opportunity to build a career in our employee friendly environments to be a part of Team - MSPL, one needs to be able to imbibe and live by Mridaz values and standards and will need to have the skills and motivation to play a major role in the MSPL's journey to success. Mridaz consider its people a greatest asset. Without whom Mridaz cannot achieve its goal.

MSPL takes care of your career while you give your best to the organization through our career progression scheme.

We at MSPL use performance as a criterion for growth. Adequate cross-functional exposure and developmental opportunities are provided to all employees, which over a period of time enhance individual capability. If you feel MSPL is the team that you were always wanting to be part of, Feel free to mail your resume to


Softech Campus is the flagship Computer Training program from Mridaz Softech Pvt. Ltd. a well recognized and service excellence award winner software company in Delhi and NCR region. Mridaz is involved in the computer training and education programs since 2002 with the name of Mridaz Education Services. The name of training program was changed in February 2010 to Softech Campus.

Our courses are very productive accordance to the skilled and trained technical staffing in many well known software companies. All the courses are designed as per the requirement that not only the theoretical knowledge is sufficient for the technical training the real time environmental training is also a main ingredient to the best trained student who will have a confidence of knowledge and experience of real world work environment, and will give his best to his employer and grow with the organization in which he will work with a advantageous skills developed within him.

You will find yourself on the best position among all the competent to you as you ware trained in perfectly actual work environment and sufficient Exposer to industrial work experience. For Details Visit Softech Campus

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