MridazAarogya is windows based application software with cloude based database for hospital, Clinics and nursing homes. Cloude based database provides assesibility of all the data round the globe and round the clock. You just need to login to get the securred data availebility. This is very easy to use and interactive software to automate the entire hospital.

This software includes 'IPD', 'OPD', 'Electronic patient record', 'Pathological Radiological and other Test Modules', 'Appointments, registration and patient billing', 'employee record keeper and HR management', 'accounting and assets' as main modules. To download the window based user interface click MridazAarogya


This Windows based user interface to work on cloude to maintain the Pathology is a very good interactive software.

To download the user interface click here mLabOnline

Contact Information

Production: Bela Shankar, Darbhanga-846004 (Bihar-INDIA)
Registered Add:- Kabir Kunj, Neem Pokhar, Kadirabad, Darbhanga-4, Bihar (INDIA)
Phone: +91-6272-247614, +91-9570769551, +91-9310103303