Application Development

Mridaz provides full service of Web Design, Application Development and Software solutions helping all and medium sized businesses to launch and prosper online. The company provides corporate identity design services, affordable offshore website design and development, e-commerce web design and software development along with friendly customer service at best rate.

The software enterprise does what it does best - identify market needs and generate ideas to develop a new product. Our team is capable of understanding these ideas and translating them into the world-class products that are ready for market. We also have the expertise to select the appropriate technology for building robust products by using well-defined methodologies.

Mridaz's web application development division uses the most appropriate technology to develop your software so that you have less maintenance work and excellent business results. Mridaz all build and specialize secure e-commerce applications. We make custom made applications to suit your needs. We also extend our e-commerce expertise beyond the business-to consumer retail model to meet the needs of business-to-business transactions and other commerce-related applications.

Web Development Services

Mridaz Softech shapes your idea into reality with our professional experts and innovative methodologies. Being a leading brand in this field, Mridaz offers optimum service along with online business service. Our team in the field is time tested. With its unmatched services in various domains; providing quality web design solutions in India, Mridaz is all set to lend its services for the global clients.

Our Services are

* Web Designing
* Web Development
* Domain Registration
* Search Engine Optimization
* Search Engine Submission
* Web Promotion
* ASP.NET Hosting
* Unix Hosting
* E-Commerce Hosting
* Windows Hosting

All we know that sole knowledge and rich business understanding along with a number of methods that go behind the website bringing in reality. Mridaz Softech with its proven track records and repeat business establishes itself as a leading Website Design Company in India. We strive to provide the best and keep the basics simple and crisp.


In the field of electronics we offer these stuffs

* The home and office automation and safety installations
* The Microcontroller/microprocessor/PLC based industrial automation system
* Computer based system design and development for automation and safety
* Programmable logic controllers
* Design and develop customized electronic and electrical equipments and peripherals

For implementing these to the customer end we have a cadre of well skilled engineers and technicians. We also provides training to this fields to the students pursuing their technical degree in India.

Contact Information

Production: Bela Shankar, Darbhanga-846004 (Bihar-INDIA)
Registered Add:- Kabir Kunj, Neem Pokhar, Kadirabad, Darbhanga-4, Bihar (INDIA)
Phone: +91-6272-247614, +91-9570769551, +91-9310103303